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Intuitive Painting of the Week

painting of a colorful seahorse holding seaweed underwater

Insights for the week of May 21, 2018

This week's Intuitive Painting revealed insights about healing, clearing old wounds, letting go of the struggle, while holding on to the dream.

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Linda Fabry, The Artsy Apothecary

Linda is an award-winning, Smithsonian-recognized Artist, a clairvoyant empath, trained in energy healing, and holds a BA in Art Therapy.

This unique combination of skills allows her to create empowering Soul Portraits, Oracle cards and powerfully healing artwork.

In addition, she serves as an Expressive Arts Facilitator, inspiring and guiding others to connect and communicate with their Divine self through creative expression.

Intuitive Portraits

Receive insights, guidance and inspiration through a custom-created painting or portrait. The canvas becomes a symbolic reflection of your beauty and goodness. See yourself through the eyes of source...and know that you truly are a Divine Masterpiece of creation.

Heart-centered & Handmade Oracle Cards

In addition to several unique decks hand-stamped and gilded in gold and silver, Linda has created the new "Mystic's Palette" deck that encourages calling upon one's own inner guidance through creative expression, and visual storytelling.

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